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Question : Why and how to get google api key ?

Answer :

In our products for various features the google geocode and map api is used. Like for identifying post location, show them in map view, get direction to specific business location etc. But google api key has a free usage limit. Generally they give 25000 map loads per 24 hours. So if your site exceed this limit then you'll need to get an free/paid api key from google.

For getting an api key please follow the below steps




Once you get the key by following the steps the go to your Whizbiz admin panel > banner settings > map settings > Gmap api key and put that key, then click save.

 Also remember to enable the following apis from google developer console https://console.developers.google.com/

NB: Sometimes it needs some time to propagate the change by google. Also we've done some research and found that sometime issues may happen though the key is right. In those case edit and regenerate the key and try again.