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Question : How can sync the users between autocon and whizbiz

Answer :

First of all we want to clarify that this article is only for experimental purpose. One of our client wants to syscronize his autocon and whizbiz database users table. So we tried to create a tutorial. Using this is totally depends on you. We wont take any responsibility for any trouble using this script. So be carefull and take backup of your databases before doing anything. The best option will be using it on your local server. Also you'll probably need some modifications. They are upto you.


1. Take backup of your whizbiz and autocon database. Check if the backup was done perfectly.

2. Download the zip file from here http://support.webhelios.com/uploads/files/dbsync.zip

3. Extract it with a dub directory on your server. It will be better if you first test this script on local server.

4. Now open index.php file within that directory and change the database info like the following image

5. Now visit http://yourdomain.com/subdirectory/index.php [REPLACE yourdomain.com/subdirectory WITH PROPER NAME]

6. If successfull it will show you how many users have been copied from autocon database to whizbiz database

7., If it's successful then create a cronjob on your site and run this index.php from that cron job after every 2 or 5 minites. This will sync autocon user table with whizbiz user table.

NB: This scripts copy users and user_meta table data from autocon database to whizbiz database. Remmeber that they are diferent scripts and have totally different functions. Like autocon needs package data for creating an account but whizbiz need it when creating business posts. So not all the user_meta data will be useable or some important meta data can be missed. But you'll be definitely able to login on whizbiz using that same user name/email and password.