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Question : How to update page meta and keywords

Answer :

There are two settings for this

1. You'll see some default pages under Admin panel > pages & menu > all pages. For these pages you can edit meta tags from Options > edit > seo settings.

2. Some pages are not defined under Admin panel > pages and menu > all pages. For these pages you've to use default meta setting. It's under Admin panel > system > default site settings > SEo settings.

3. For some page title(example: home) you can change the title from language file. Check documentation for more info.

4. If you need meta tags in multiple language follow below instructions


How to translate meta tags for pages

Answer :
  • If you want to setup custom meta description and key for your pages, then go to template_view.php and find the following line
    			    //echo $alias."_".$curr_lang.".html";die;
    			    and change it to
    			    echo $alias."_".$curr_lang.".html";die;
  • Now go to that page from browser. It will show you the page name that has to be created.
  • Now create a file under ROOT/dbc_config/locals-meta/ with that name
  • Remember to undo the change done on step 1

NB: Thats all. Following this process you can create custom meta tags for any of your pages. If a custom page meta is not found on that directory, then the default meta will be loaded.