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Question : How to use fivefilter premium api with newspilot

Answer :

1. First go to Admin panel > content > site settings and set five filters api url = http://ftr-premium.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php
2. Now for each source you've to generate a unique url from five filters website http://fivefilters.org/content-only/
3. As an example, suppose you've an source url http://feeds.feedburner.com/myfeeds  and the api key you get from five filter is = ABCD
4. So fill up the form like

5. Now click "Create feed" button. It will generate a link for this source like


In this "url the has=random number" section will be always different for each source

6. From this url just copy this text

It means just copy the section we marked with bold fonts.

7. Now edit your source and set feed url = feeds.feedburner.com%2Fmyfeed&

key=2392&hash=3cf5aac8091ae27993665c8218fbf65123584c79 . It means set feed url to the text you copied.

Thats all. You've to generate and set feed url for each source because the hash will be different for each source. We've configured first two sources on your site. You may check them.